10 Gorgeous Models Embraced By The World For Who They Are

When most people hear the word “model” they immediately think of super skinny, tall girls who are possibly starving themselves in order to keep their “glamorous” job. It’s no secret that being a model is tough and it’s a full-time job of staying in shape and looking great no matter what. But thankfully, the world is changing, slowly but surely. Due to people’s protests and dissatisfaction with the unrealistic expectation the fashion industry imposes on us, now the model business is trying to be more inclusive towards women of all shapes and sized. In a way it’s making the modeling business a more diverse place. To prove this, we’re going to show you 10 gorgeous models embraced by the world for who they are.

1. Marquita Pring
This gorgeous lady has graced the cover of Vogue in 2011, but who would’ve thought she started out posing for plus-sized fashion catalogues. She has since also become the face of Levis. Marquita is all about body positivity and she loves her body just the way it is. However, she does like to stress the importance of physical health.

2. Felicity Hayward
Felicity never really set out to be a model, but a lucky encounter made her a star. She was spotted by a professional fashion photographer while she was dancing at a club. This should be a lesson to everyone. If you just embrace yourself and stop being shy, you never know what amazing things could come your way.

3. Kortnie Coles
Kortnie might not have the stereotypical model body at the first glance, but that didn’t stop her from participating in America’s Next Top Model. In fact, her participation on the show resulted in a lot of work opportunities for Kortnie. She even ended up collaborating with a world-famous modeling agency Wilhelmina Models.

4. Chloe Marshall
Chloe is actually a winner of Miss Surrey 2008 and she reached the final of Miss England in the plus sized category. The fact that she’s not super skinny or super tall never stopped her. In fact her participation and success in both of these pageants helped her launch her professional modeling career. Her motto is “You don’t have to be tall and thin to be considered beautiful” and we couldn’t agree more.

5. Jada Sezer
Jada is a plus sized model who believes in the importance of confidence and representation. She works with various brands, including swimwear brands, advertising body positivity and the idea that you should embrace yourself they way you are.

6. Stefania Ferrario
Stefania hates the word “plus-size” and believes calling girls who have curves “plus-sized” is simply wrong. She even started a hashtag #dropthesize on Instagram. She says she’s a real model, not a plus-sized model. She is also the face of a lingerie line by Dita Von Teese, which, you know, just proves her point.

7. Shareefa J
Shareefa believes it’s absolutely ridiculous and unfair for beauty to be associated with thin bodies. She’s fully aware of the discrimination the curvy girls face. But she’s on a mission to bring body positivity to every curvy girl. She says she feels great in all clothes and proves that you can look hella sexy even if you’re not thin. She uses herself as an example to show young girls that they don’t need to feel like there’s something wrong with them, and that they don’t have to adhere to made up beauty standarts.

8. Anastasia Vinogradova
Anastasia is a successful Russian photo model. She’s absolutely stunning and her size doesn’t change a thing, in fact, her gorgeous curves only add to her feminine beauty. More women should embrace their bodies the way Anastasia does.

9. Liris Crosse
At the beginning of her career Liris was told multiple times by various modeling agencies to lose weight, but she knew she didn’t need to lose weight to be considered beautiful. She found success. She’s now a famous actress and model, she can often be seen on the cover of famous fashion magazines and she’s appeared in quite a few music videos and even starred in movies. She’s often called the Naomi Campbell of plus sized fashion.

10. Katya Zharkova
Katya Zharkova is a very successful Belorussian plus-sized model. She is all about encouraging women to love themselves and their bodies. Weight is just a number and it really doesn’t matter to her. Her motto in life is “Your happiness has nothing to do with how much you weigh. Live in the Here and Now — don’t put things off until later!”

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