13 Best Gigi And Bella Hadid Moments

Supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid recently walked their first Victoria’s Secret show together, and that’s a pretty badass twinning moment to have with your sister. See
the rest of their best sister moments here.

When Gigi casually did a handstand in this photoshoot for Vogue while doing a charming smile and making out with her bae Zayn. Couple goals much? Also a lot of core strength, if this wasn’t photoshopped.

Bella fell on the runway during Michael Kors show and got back up like a total professional. Even falling she looks like beautiful, beautiful mannequin. Dammit, perfect genes…definitely not what we look like .

When Bella Hadid rocked that notorious red dress. She looks like a brunette version of Jessica Rabbit, and that slit is as amazing as it is daring. Red silk is always so luxurious, and it’s fit for the luxurious bae who’s wearing it!

When Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid were the perfect match at VS Fashion Show 2016. Naked dresses are so chic, and Gigi and Bella rocked their take on it like no other. So elegant and they slay as always in this twinning moment.
Gigi Hadid, Amy Schumer and Bella Hadid posing for a selfie at the Met. This impromptu selfie moment is so cute and really highlights their two personalities – Gigi gives us a fun look of feigned surprise while Bella rocked her most Zoolander look ever.

That time Bella matched with her mother, Yolanda, and it was actually super adorable. What mother and daughter do you know that could wear super hot matching Baywatch one-pieces without it being weird? When your mom is the ultimate MILF and you’re a supermodel. Mother daughter sideboob FTW.

When Gigi Hadid suffered a naughty wardrobe malfunction! Just like Bella had her falling moment – not every goddess is perfect, and letting us see their flaws help us realize that these gorgeous sisters are still in fact part of our species.
When Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner rocked bomber jackets like the matching BFF supermodels they are. Did Bella have a jealous moment when she saw this? We have a feeling that the sisters have their own matching bombers, so it’s NBD.

When they casually met tennis idol Serena Williams together. Meeting an iconic athlete and an inspiration representation of womanhood would be a moment the floors anyone, but getting to do it with your sister makes it ever better.

When Bella and Gigi posed together for Balmain. What sisters can both claim to be such impressive models that Balmain choices them to pose together in a shoot? Bella sexily applies lipstick to her sister while rocking thus burn sienna look.
When the sisters rocked Coordinated bikinis on 4th of July, and were twinning more than anyone else. They went subtle for this one – no American flag, but just paying homage with some colors…some scantily present colors ;) Patriotic about their country, and their sisterhood. We dig.

The infamous Gigi and Kendall hair swap. When Gigi and Kendall Jenner swapped hair colors for a Freaky Friday moment in Paris after the Balmain 2016 Fall show. After party madness! TBH, Gigi just looks kind of like Bella and Kendall looks like…we’re not sure what.

The Weeknd & Bella Hadid had an awkward but also kind of cute ‘Smile & Lock Eyes’ moment at the VS show. Is this every girl’s worst nightmare, or the ultimate ex revenge fantasy?

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