13 Highest Paid Models In The World

Modeling definitely seems like a glamorous and lucrative business. You walk some runways, you wear incredible clothes and accessories worth thousands of dollars, you get to travel the world, meet new and interesting people on the way. What’s the drawback? Well you’ve got to work pretty hard to look your best. You have to look a certain way so either you have to just live a very healthy lifestyle or prepare for a lot of dieting and working out. Either way you have to have a lot of discipline and the hours are pretty crazy too. But if you make it to the top, you get paid quite lofty sums for your hard work. To find out exactly how much let’s take a look at the 13 highest paid models in the world.

13. Taylor Hill might only be 20, but she’s already earning $4 million a year thanks to signing a deal with Victoria’s Secret. She’s also the face of Lancome and works with Topshop, Miu Mia, and Jimmy Choo on the side.
13 Highest Paid Models In The World 13

12. Lily Aldridge is another Victoria’s Secret Angel that earns $4 million. You’ve probably seen her wearing an outrageously expensive fantasy bra (worth half of her yearly paycheck) on the catwalk.
13 Highest Paid Models In The World 12

11. Doutzen Kroes is a dutch model. She earns around $5 million, mostly due to her deal with L’Oreal cosmetics. She’s also the face of Tiffany and Co.
13 Highest Paid Models In The World 11

10. Alessandra Ambrosio also gets about $5 million. Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel sure helps to earn millions, am I right? But she also works with Michael Kors and she has her own line of swimsuits and temporary tattoos.
13 Highest Paid Models In The World 10
9. Kate Moss has been in this game for a while now and she definitely knows how to use that to her advantage. She earns the majority of her paycheck from Burberry and she still works with Rimmel. Collectively she gets around $5 million, which is not bad for a model who’s 42.
13 Highest Paid Models In The World 09

8. Miranda Kerr is banking big time thanks to her contracts with Wonderbra and Escada. She also has her own line of cosmetics and, surprisingly, a line of China and Glassware with Royal Albert. All together the Australian supermodel gets around $6 million.
13 Highest Paid Models In The World 08

6. Cara Delevingne a.k.a The Eyebrows gets around $8.5 million. It’s less than last year, but that’s largely due to pursuing her acting career. She turned down some lucrative modeling deals in order to focus on acting, but she still works with YSL Beauty and Burberry.
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7. Candice Swanepoel is earning around $7 million thanks to her contract with Victoria’s Secret, Maxfactor and Biotherm. She also endorses Versace and Givenchy fragrances. Not bad for someone who was discovered at a flea market, huh?
13 Highest Paid Models In The World 07

5. Gigi Hadid is the new kid on the block when it comes to modeling, but she’s already earning $9 millions thanks to her deal with Maybelline and Tommy Hilfiger, Evian, BMW, Topshop and Versace’s Dylan Blue fragrance.
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4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley earns most of her $9 million thanks to her makeup and lingerie lines that she does with Marks&Spencers. She also does fragrances for the same store and works with Burberry.
13 Highest Paid Models In The World 04
3. Kendall Jenner earned a shocking $10 million this year. It’s all mostly due to her fame and a huge following that allows her to bank amazing deals with Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein, MANGO, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld.
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2. Adriana Lima got her largest paycheck ever this year, making $10.5 million. She might be 35, which is not prime time for a model, but she’s still the longest-running Victoria’s Secret Angel and that clearly pays well.
13 Highest Paid Models In The World 02

1. Gisele Bundchen takes the crown, earning $30.5 million. Her fragrance and beauty contracts with giants like Chanel and Carolina Herrera probably pay the most, but she also advertises for Arezzo shoes and has a line of skincare and lingerie.
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