7 Jewelry Trends to Follow in 2017

A great jewelry piece can make or break an outfit. Designers spend hours upon hours trying to find the best accessories to complement their runway looks. If you can accessorize well then any outfit you wear will be a total hit. Since the world of fashion is ever-changing so is the world of fashion jewelry. But you should not worry at all because we’ve got all the great trends of this year right here for you. Bold pieces and simple minimalistic parts – 2017 has got it all.

Start this year with something new like a great new trend to be exact. Asymmetry in jewelry has been used by tons of designers on this year’s runways! Bold asymmetrical earrings will not leave you and your outfit unnoticed. Make sure to color code your outfit and try not to overdo it. You might get a few looks from the passersby but hey, isn’t what fashion is all about?

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Hold on to your jewelry boxes ladies – statement necklaces are making a comeback! We could not be happier. A big chunky statement necklace can brighten up and redesign the look of a whole outfit. They look fantastic on camera, and you don’t really have to accessorize anything else! Dust off your necklaces and off we go to a new season of gorgeous!

Get ready to raid your grandma’s house because pearls are so in this year! Now, we know what you are thinking – pearls are for older women and, well, grandmas. But hold your horses: repurposing your pearls is what really is in this year. Get creative and remember – nothing is better than having natural stones as part of your jewelry collection.

No need to worry: chokers are still with us. A 90s trend that made a comeback last year is still going strong. We had the pleasure of seeing beautiful chokers on the runways and on the streets of our towns! From lacy tender chokers to more punk rock rebellious leather ones: you really can’t go wrong with one.


We’ve seen a few fashionistas dabble in mineral jewelry last year and well, this year it is so in! From simple mineral earrings to more complicated mineral necklaces and bracelets we can all be sure that minerals are here to stay. You can even get a special mineral ‘cage’ necklace and change up stones depending on your mood and outfit! A different necklace every day on the cheap! Amen to that.
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COLOR! And now when we got your attention let’s talk about color in your 2017 jewelry box. A variety of bold colors will be one of the main trends in 2017 and we had better hop on board. From colorful minerals to colorful statement necklaces let us paint this world this year!
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Did you know that arm cuffs are a thing? Well, you do now and you better get used to them: 2017 is owning arm cuffs. From light beachy upper arm cuffs to more stable evening options – there really are no limits. This is a rather statement piece as well so don’t overdo it with rings or necklaces. Let the cuff speak for itself!
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