Brides Who Went Black And Won Big

White gowns are such a huge part of wedding tradition that it’s hard to imagine a wedding without one. Some girls dream of wearing that white dress since their childhood, others, however, might have other plans. After all, who said that a wedding dress has to be white? We’re sure there’s some sort of symbolism in it, probably something to do with being young and pure. But lets face the facts, not all traditions are followed these days. For example, gone are the times when you’d marry just once and for life – people get divorced and remarry all the time. So many traditions are forgotten and so many broken. So why stick with the white wedding gown? Weather you’re feeling rebellious, or maybe you just don’t like white, here’s a collection of picture of brides who threw caution to the wind and chose to wear a black dress to their wedding.

1. How could you not fall in love with this dress?

2. Is this dress not a dream come true?

3. Black and nude – what a perfect combination!

4. If there’s a dress that’ll make heads turn – this is definitely it.

5. Wedding dress goals. I mean, just look at that see through design with black lace.
6. If this is the view from the back, can you imagine how gorgeous is the front of the dress?

7. Almost gothic, but definitely very romantic and feminine.

8. Another gorgeous black open back dress that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale.

9. Who said you can’t wear a cute little black dress for a wedding?

10. Another gorgeous black and nude variation. Perfect for winter weddings. This way you won’t blend in with the snow.
11. You can never go wrong with a classic tulle skirt, a solid body and lacy sleeves. Black wedding dress perfection.

12.You can’t go wrong with a black bodycon and mesh cutouts. Especially if you add a sweetheart neckline.

13.Look at this gorgeous black lace perfection. The neckline, the silhouette, the length. Everything about this wedding dress is just amazing.

14.Best black wedding dress ever. That shape is just so elegant and feminine. The open shoulders add a touch of grace and tenderness.

15.You know what they say, “women who wear black lead colorful lives”.

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