It All Looks Normal, Until You Take a Second Look! (34 Pics)

People often upload photos that should not have been uploaded. Thanks to unfortunate (or extremely fortunate) timing, odd lighting, or just unexpected cats/people appearing in the frame, these pics become memes in a blink. If you like those pics where the title says “take a closer look”, or the insane brain-melting optical illusions, you’ve come to the right place!
Now clear your mind and prepare so see something weird!

1. Mr. Fantastic, is that you?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (1)

2. That’s some M. Night Shyamalan twist right there.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (2)

3. Not sure if this was photoshopped…
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (3)

4. Uuhh, was this a calculated move?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (4)

5. I’m still not convinced that those are not demon eyes.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (5)

6. How many legs do you see?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (6)

7. Can you see it?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (7)

8. That’s a great question, Kayden.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (8)

9. Never Volkswagen your Porsche, girl. Ever.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (9)

10. Okay, apart from them all probably being dead, WHO TOOK THE PICTURE?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (10)

11. Are you still skeptical about giants living among us?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (11)
12. When you see it…
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (12)

13. Dragon-doggo grilling some BBQ, that’s all.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (13)

14. It took me longer than I’d like to admit, but it was worth it.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (14)

15. It’s probably one of those weird fetishes people have.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (15)

16. Everything the light touches is yours, Simba!
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (16)

17. Who said yoga was easy?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (17)

18. All I can think of are bark puns…
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (18)

19. Slenderman: The Early Years.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (34)

20. What kind of monstrosity is this?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (20)

21. One’s tall, one’s ugly, right?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (32)

22. Girl, you should wax those wolf hands.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (22)
23. That’s creepy AF!
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (23)

24. Do you even lift, sis?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (24)

25. When the manager said “all hands on deck”, I doubt that’s what he meant.
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (25)

26. Ha! Fooled ya, you perv!
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (26)

27. You’re still thinking with your naughty bits, huh?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (27)

28. Well, in that case, you’re gonna love this one!
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (28)

29. Why is there a bride in the middle of the fountain?
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (29)

30. Grandpa has never been quite the same since the accident…
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (30)

31. Well…
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (31)

32.This is messing with my brain!
take-a-closer-look-optical-illusions (33)

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