This Harry Potter Boudoir Shoot Will Blow Your Mind

There’s a whole generation that has been shaped by Harry Potter books. We grew up with the characters and we love rewatching the movies and re-reading the books. We love sorting ourselves into different houses and dressing up in Hogwarts robes for Halloween. Some of us are still mad that an owl didn’t bring us a Hogwarts letter for our 11th birthday.
this-harry-potter-boudoir-shoot-will-blow-your-mind-01this-harry-potter-boudoir-shoot-will-blow-your-mind-02this-harry-potter-boudoir-shoot-will-blow-your-mind-03But it’s time to accept that Harry Potter isn’t a kid anymore. He grew up like the rest of us. And while a lot of fans like to fantasize what happened to Harry now that he’s an adult, this photographer took the idea of grown up Harry Potter to a whole new level. This photoshoot will definitely leave you wanting for more.
this-harry-potter-boudoir-shoot-will-blow-your-mind-04this-harry-potter-boudoir-shoot-will-blow-your-mind-05this-harry-potter-boudoir-shoot-will-blow-your-mind-06Sarah Hester, a photographer and a self proclaimed Harry Potter fan, took it upon herself to create the hottest Harry Potter photoshoot to date. The idea came to her when she met model/photographer Zachary Howell and couldn’t remember his name. So she just started calling him Harry as a joke. That, in turn led to her asking Zachary, if he’d be up for a Harry Potter boudoir photoshoot. She was half kidding at this point, but Zachary surprised her by agreeing and totally being into that idea. They arranged the whole thing in a week and the result is, as you can see, pretty freaking stupefying.

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