What If Disney Characters Were In Same-Sex Relationships?

There’s been a lot of speculation about same-sex marriage recently, but some people took it to a whole new level. A false rumor about Disney making a new movie about two princes went viral. I’m sure you’ve seen an occasional headline about Disney characters and what it would be like if they were in same-sex relationships. There’s alot of fanart on this topic circulating the internet. Well, lets explore that possibility.

What would it be like if one of the characters in all your favourite fairy tales and Disney movies was in a same-sex relationship? Would it really be a big deal? All it would change is a couple of letters. Instead of “prince and princess” you’d say “the two princess/princesses”. That’s pretty much it. The story wouldn’t really change.

#1 Pocahontas and Nakoma#1 Pocahontas and Nakoma 1#1 Pocahontas and Nakoma 2

#2 Esmeralda and Jasmine#2 Esmeralda and Jasmine 1#2 Esmeralda and Jasmine 2

#3 Prince Adam and Gaston#3 Prince Adam and Gaston
#4 Aurora and Belle#4 Aurora and Belle 1
#4 Aurora and Belle 2#4 Aurora and Belle 3

#5 Prince Eric and Prince Philip#5 Prince Eric and Prince Philip 1#5 Prince Eric and Prince Philip 2

#6 Tiana and Ariel#6 Tiana and Ariel 1#6 Tiana and Ariel 2
#7 Merida and Rapunzel#7 Merida and Rapunzel 1#7 Merida and Rapunzel 2#7 Merida and Rapunzel 3

#8 Grumpy and Dopey#8 Grumpy and Dopey

I’d also like to make it clear that I fully support same-sex marriage and I’d love to see a Disney movie with a same-sex relationship. However, I do think some of those pictures were taken out of context and are being all lumped together into one gallery. That only gives more conservative people a reason to freak out. Let’s respect the artists who created all those fanarts and not lump them all together under one label, shall we?

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