Best and Worst Dressed at the 2016 MTV VMAs

Nicki Minaj
Well, no one can deny that the fit on this dress is impressive. It fits Nicki like a glove, and makes her look like a goddess. Everything from the neckline details to the hypnotizing silhouette and color screams diva, and this might be our favorite look from the whole show.

People threw Tinashe’s outfit shade for having “too much fabric” but we think they’re just jealous that they can’t fill out or rock that much fabric as well as this bodacious cutie did. The starlet came in red hot with this unique jumpsuit and a built in scarf that was so regal. The piece draped like a gown but was more modern, and still smoldering. 10 out of 10.

Rihanna had a few looks of the night, and all of them slayed, but this dramatic final look is one of the most unexpected and gorgeous. So high fashion, as always. This trench coat gone ball gown should be heinous, but we are obsessed with it – from the pleating details to the janitor suit-like top and gold spray paint color – so runway ready.

Kim Kardashian
This outfit looks like Kim rolled out of bed after a sweaty session with her man, and not in a good, sultry way. In a ‘take a shower’ way. She asked IG fans whether to go dressy or casual, and we don’t really know where to put this outfit in that range. So short, such deep V, and the sleazy off the shoulder paired with that damp (freshly showered or freshly sweaty?) hair look…none of it is working.

This unsettling ostrich get-up makes Queen Bey look less queen-like, and more like Mugatu from Zoolander and a muppet had a love child. She usually slays with her wardrobe choices, but this look is way too extra. Unflattering baggy parts and a halo of feathers? What are you doing, girl?

A looks that says…sci-fi meets jazzy broadway musical? Not sure what to say about this neon number and her unique hair choice for the night, other than – Cassie, you are naturally beautiful, so maybe go a little more natural next time. Not a la key lime couture.

We are so proud of Britney for this look. She has grown up from her young and sassy days into a sophisticated woman who can rock an LBD with cutouts like no other. This look is classic, elegant and sexy. Mature Britney is definitely not matronly.

Hailee Steinfeld
This teen star dressed perfectly for her age, and ended up looking like the most dreamy ‘it girl’ of them all. While this might be a little loud on some, Hailee rocked it fearlessly – it’s a playful and young look, but still extremely fierce (in standard Balmain fashion). Preppy meets Vogue.

Amber Rose
Some hate on Amber for this demure look, but she’s just as sexy without wearing something skintight to showcase the curves. This still flows beautifully on her voluptuous body, and in classic Amber fashion, she’s wearing a black lace bra in lieu of a shirt. #bossbitch.

Rita Ora
Rita for sure interpreted “sheer” the wrong way. So many celebs have done it right, and Rita sadly isn’t one of them. Paired with a leather jacket, this confused look is a little Tim Burton, but not as cool as goth chic. Looks like she’s about to go trick or treating, or is on her lunch break from Hot Topic.

Jaden Smith
We get that hipsters sometimes steal trends from the homeless, but this cut-up burlap suit jacket that comes in about 6 sizes too big isn’t doing Jaden any favors. Seriously, amore fitted, neutral or black look would have been way better. Looking like the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz right now.

Ariana Grande
Stunning pop vixens over the years have rocked baggy trousers with a belly top before – baby girl Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, and countless others. Ariana Grande tried to accomplish that look but it just looks…off. Especially with a bedskirt for a top.

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