Bollywood Actresses Who Rock the Saree

1. Kareena Kapoor.
It’s hard to tell whether this Saree is flesh colored or just completely transparent, but we can all agree it looks incredible. The myriad of gems and sparkles on the Saree make Kareena Kapoor look ethereal and magical. This shimmery Saree was definitely a great choice for a glamorous event.

2. Jacqueline Fernandez
A white Saree always looks chic and elegant. The one Jacqueline is wearing on the photo is definitely original and unique. Just take a look at those intricate designs and cutouts at the top and what looks like dozens of layers of sheer, delicate layers of flowing silk at the bottom. Such an elegant look, don’t you think?

3. Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka definitely rocked this simple, yet elegant white Saree. Minimal coverage, maximum effect – this Saree definitely shows off Priyanka’s figure. The silver sparkly elements add an air of festivity and celebration to the look and go nicely with the gorgeous shimmery jewelry Priyanka chose for this look.

5. Mallika Sherawat
White is definitely a winning color for Mallika Sherawat. That top is definitely showing off her cleavage in the most wonderful way. The flowing long skirt with the high slit is also doing a great job at making her legs look impossibly long. All that paired with a tiny sparkly handbag and some lovely jewelry looks just superb.

6. Preity Zinta
A lovely black Saree can look way more titillating then a little black dress, wouldn’t you agree? The one Preity Zinta is wearing on the picture is a perfect example of that. She’s pretty much covered head to toe, but the sheer material and sequin designs draw your eyes to her curves without appearing too flashy.

7. Ameesha Patel
This might be the most gorgeous Saree Ameesha Patel has ever worn. Look how proudly she’s posing in it. Can you blame her though? She looks incredible. The lovely lilac color compliments her complexion and the beautiful floral patterns on that sheer material look absolutely stunning against the night sky blue of the skirt.

8. Aishwarya Rai
Once again Aishwarya Rai proves that Sarees are the most incredible items of clothing ever. Just look how regal she looks in this one. Cream and golden designs complimenting each other in the most amazing way. This Saree is so intricate, combining so many complex patterns into one beautiful shimmery work of art. Aishwarya Rai paired complemented this outfit with a warm golden eye makeup, a nude lip and a sophisticated updo.

9. Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma looks like a princess in this Saree. The sheer cream fabric of the Saree looks especially soft and delicate against the velvety black of her top. And how adorable is it that the top is black with golden polka dots? This is such a cute look. The gold bracelets and statement earrings go nicely with the golden elements of the Saree, and the warm toned makeup with side-swept hair finish up the look perfectly.

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