Bra Myths You’ve Probably Believed All Your Life

1. Once you’ve figured out your bra size you’re set for life.
Not true, ladies. Your bra size changes throughout your life depending on how much weight you put on or lose. Boobs are just fat, so it’s only natural for them to change in size as your weight fluctuates. Also, the bra size isn’t the same for every brand. You might be one side at Victoria’s Secret and a completely different size at GAP. So make sure you get measured as often as possible and at every opportunity, so that you don’t end up buying bras that don’t fit you properly.

2. Sleeping in a bra will prevent your boobs from sagging.
Not true. Wearing a bra to bed has absolutely no effect on whether your boobs will sag or stay perky. It’ll just be very uncomfortable. In fact, your breasts will do whatever they want to do no matter what. So it doesn’t matter if you wear a bra at all. It’s just a matter of what makes you feel more comfortable.

3. Training bras will help your breasts grow faster.
False. Training bras have absolutely no effect on the size of your chest. The only thing they do is provide a gentle support for developing breasts. The only reason to wear a training bra is to protect your newly developed sensitive boobs from being irritated by your top. Other then that – there’s really no use for them.

4.You should wear a bra fastened on the tightest hook.
Absolutely not. The only thing this will achieve is stretching out the band of your bra faster. When trying on a bra, go for the one that fits well on the last hook. That way, when it stretches out from wear a bit, you can go up a clasp. This way your bra will last you longer.

5. A good bra will last you a year if you take care of it.
We wish this was true, but unfortunately this is not the case. At maximum, a bra will last you about 8 to 9 months. After that the elastic gets too stretched out and the bra just doesn’t give you the same amount of support. Not only that, but you should also alternate between several bras throughout the week, because a bra needs a 24 hour window of rest to retain it’s elasticity. So if you just wear the same bra all the time – you’re killing it quicker.

6. The white bra is the least visible one.
This is simply ridiculous. If you want to make sure no one sees your bra through your clothes just wear a bra that either matches the color of your top or a skin coloured bra. That’s right ladies, those weird looking, seemingly unattractive beige bras are the way to go. Especially if you’re wearing a white top. I know, it’s mind blowing. Don’t you feel silly for wearing white bras with white blouses now? Me too.

7. Washing your bra in the washing machine will ruin it forever.
Actually not true. As long as you put them in a separate bag and wash them on a gentle cycle your bras should be fine. You can’t put them in the dryer though. You’ll just have to hang them to dry. It’s annoying, but that’s really the only way to go.

8. Underwire causes cancer.
Underwire might cause you to feel uncomfortable if it’s too tight. It might poke you if it breaks through the lining of your bra, but it definitely does not cause cancer. So while underwire can be evil and uncomfortable it’s definitely not life-threatening. In fact, it definitely provides support and might be of great help for those who are top heavy.

9. The cup is more important than the band.
Nope. Both the cup size and the band size are pretty essential when choosing a bra. Many believe that it’s the bra straps that hold you up and provide support, so they believe that if they fasten them high enough the bra will provide them with the support they need. The only thing this will achieve is to insure your bra straps will be painfully cutting into your shoulders. It’s actually the band that does most of the heavy lifting, so it’s crucial to get the right size.

10. The most common bra size is 34B.
There really is no average bra size. We’re all different. It’s hard to tell where this myth came from. I can only guess, but probably a lot of the time we buy the wrong size unknowingly and perhaps 34B is what we go for? That or it’s a vicious circle of the media influencing us into buying 34B. You need to have a seasoned professional in a lingerie department measure you so you’re sure to take home bras that really fit you well, are comfortable and make you look great!

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