Things Kendall Jenner Wishes You Would Forget

1. Pepsi Advert
Let’s start with the most recent thing Kendall wishes we’d all forget. That infamous Pepsi ad that featured her abandoning a photo shoot, joining a protest and handing a can of Pepsi to a policeman. Weather she didn’t put two and two together or perhaps she just didn’t care at the time, but since the release of the add she received a whole bunch of criticism about it. After all that ad seems to trivialize the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The campaign has been pulled by Pepsi, and Kendall has deleted all the promo materials from her social media. Lots of people still want her to do a public apology but she’s sitting tight and waiting for it to blow over.

2. Diva Moment At NY Fashion Week 2015
So we get it, she’s a model. But so is every other girl walking down the runway at the fashion week. However, none of those girls bring the attitude to work with them, but Kendall did. She arrived late, she was shaving her legs in the car because she was running late, and when she got there she demanded a private backstage area. What? It’s New York fashion week, everyone knows there’s no time or place for private areas, all models no matter how famous just deal with the fact that they’re all up in each other’s business. It’s a group effort.

3. Dreadlocks of Doom by Marc Jacobs
Remember that time Marc Jacobs put colorful dreadlocks on Kendall? Wasn’t that just ridiculous? Also, remember how she then got blamed for culture appropriation? And no matter how much Marc Jacobs tried to explain his reasoning which went along the lines of “but this is way more about London in the 80’s and rave culture and Japanese Harijoku girls”, nothing would help.

4. Victoria’s Secret Backlash
Becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel and landing a spot on the runway is a huge deal in the modeling world. You have got to be incredible, and you have to rock that catwalk, and that’s something Kendall hasn’t mastered yet. But somehow she did get to be in the Victoria’s Secret show. Some people on twitter suggest that “money talks” and we’re inclined to believe them. How else would you explain the fact that both Kendall and Gigi, who are newbies, got their wings? Everyone knows they’re for Victoria’s Secret veterans, you have to earn them.

5. The Ballerina Photoshoot For Vogue
Working with Vogue is one of the biggest achievements in show business. Many can only dream about it. So you can imagine how mad were the real ballerinas, who train for hours every day, to be represented by someone like Kendall. It’s like the whole idea of being a ballerina has been reduced to wearing some flowing dress and pointe shoes. Her form was horrible, the video she posted of herself prancing about the studio – ridiculous. Ballet is all about grace, and that’s not really Kendall’s strong suit. Why didn’t they just hire a real ballerina for a photoshoot? We’ll never know. But we bet Kendall wishes everyone could forget that whole thing.

6. Billboard Music Awards Fail
Kendall got invited to the Billboard Music Awards in 2014 to announce the band 5 Seconds of Summer. A pretty easy thing to do, don’t you think? You just get on stage and announce the band. But Kendall managed to fail miserably. Instead of announcing the band she was supposed to she announce One Direction. Why? Did she just forget? Perhaps she panicked and blanked and the only thing she could think of was Harry Styles so that’s what she went with? Either way it’s pretty freaking embarrassing.

7. When Everyone Agreed She’s Not A Real Model
As you can probably remember Kendall launched a Fendi campaign once. That was such a disaster. As soon as people saw it they were disappointed. Everyone said it looked cheap and horrible. And then Twitter went wild with comparisons. Even some celebrities were annoyed by this and agreed that she just got that campaign because she has lot of followers on Instagram. Well, unfortunately for Kendall, just having millions of followers doesn’t really make her a model.

8. That Santa Photoshoot
Remember that provocative photoshoot Kendall did when she was just 19? She appeared in quite a suggestive pose, spread across Santa’s lap, wearing nothing but sexy lingerie, a pair of high-heels and a Christmas hat. She faced a lot of criticism for that photoshoot, because of her age, and the provocative nature of the shoot. She wasn’t really being a very good role-model to young girls who follow her. What kind of example was she trying to set back then, huh?

9. Makeup Artists Are Scared Of Her
Kendall is very particular about her makeup. Everything has to be absolutely perfect when it comes to her face. It’s gotten to the point where makeup artists don’t want to work with her, because of how ridiculously demanding she is. She even jokes about it herself. “I’m a perfectionist. If someone is doing my eyeliner, it has to be exactly the same on both sides, super-straight. If there’s a tiny little bump, it has to be fixed. Our family makeup artists are scared of me sometimes!” says Kendall. But is she really a perfectionist or just a brat?

10. Quit Instagram
If there’s one thing we can all agree that Kendall Jenner is – that’s a social media star. She has 77 million followers on Instagram. Can you even imagine that amount of people? We bet you can’t. It’s a crazy amount of followers. So it makes sense that brands are willing to pay Kendall the big bucks to promote their products on her Instagram. Apparently she gets around $300 000 per post. I mean, that’s her main job. But she managed to f**k that up too once. She just shut down her Instagram one day, saying that she just wanted a little break, because she was getting very stressed over it. To the point where it would be the first thing she checks when she wakes up and last thing she looks at before going to bed. She did switch her Instagram back on, quite soon after that, perhaps having realized that as far as jobs go, this one is a pretty awesome one.

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