Chakki (2022)

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 Chakki (2022)

An extremely inflated electricity bill leads a small town flour mill owner to the darkest corners of the government office infested with corruption, inefficient officials and apathy of the worst kind.

 Through the eyes of it's protagonist, 'chakki' explores the trails and tribulations of a small town flour mill owner-Vijay, as he navigates life, love, hope, aspirations and dreams. Everything in his seemingly happy life turns upside down when he receives a hefty bill of 1.5 Lakh for his flour mill. Running around in circles to get his bill corrected, Vijay falls in an endless loop a.k.a 'chakki' of the quintessential governmental system's inefficiencies and ineffectiveness. Completely unsympathetic and parasitic, officials trying to squeeze any amount of money and inept bureaucracy and systematic apathy leads him to take a desperate but illegal steps, which ultimately land him in even bigger legal troubles, jeopardizing his family's status and above all his love life.

Umesh Shukla Presents “Chakki” A Ninderwal Entertainment Production & A Platoon Distribution Release

Starring: Rahul Bhat & Priya Bapat Directed By: Satish Munda Produced By: Bharat Ninderwal Story: Satish Munda Screenplay: Ashwin Verman & Satish Munda Associate Producer: Mohit Panchbhai Creative Director: Satendra Rai Executive Producer: B.S. Narayanswamy, Gurudas Pai Dop: Tribhuvan Babu Sadineni Music: Indian Ocean Lyrics: Piyush Mishra & Varun Grover Singers: Papon, Monali Thakur, K.K & Piyush Mishra Orignal Score: Meghdeep Bose Casting : Casting Bay Production Designer: Jayant Deshmukh Sound Designer And Sync Sound: Vinit D’souza Editor: Suresh Pai Costume Designer: Khushbu Banerjee Visual Post: Post House Art Director: Shekhar Yadav Publicity Design: Seek Red Publicity Design: Vow Design Legal Partner: Bar & Brief Attorneys C.A. : Sudhir Singh & Associates Visual Promotions: Promo Shop Media Consultant: 1h Media (Hema Upadhyay) Digital Agency: Digi Osmosis Creative Supervisor: Shubham Nagar Assistant Creative Supervisor: Mayank Lohakre

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